Individual TherapyThe therapists at the Light Source Center for Healing can help with many issues that are preventing you from living a fulfilling life. We have advanced training in Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) which is a research-based eye-movement model of therapy using eye movements to resolve many issues. Following are a few of the many areas where we can be of service.

We conduct all our sessions virtually serving clients from all over North or South Carolina, allowing you to stay in the comfort of your own home.

Betrayal Trauma/Partner of a Sex Addict

If you are in a relationship with a sex or porn addict (whether or not they are in recovery) or have recently ended a relationship with one, or if your relationship has been impacted by infidelity, you may find that you have obsessive thoughts about the betrayal. You may also find that you can’t stop yourself from investigating for more information about the betrayal, sometimes staying up late at night searching for more information. These obsessive thoughts and behaviors may have had an impact on your all of your relationships as well as your functioning in day-to-day life. Perhaps these thoughts keep you up at night and prevent you from focusing on anything else.  It can feel as if you are suffering from PTSD. If this applies to you, you don’t have to suffer alone. At the Light Source Center for Healing, we offer advanced training in betrayal trauma. Please reach out for help today.


Sometimes our natural inclination when we experience trauma is to stuff the feelings it causes and carry on with our lives. If you have experienced trauma, you may not be aware that your body stores the experience causing emotional dysregulation, hypervigilance, over the top reactions to triggers, or even physical conditions that you may not connect to the trauma. Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) is a research-based eye-movement model that is highly effective with trauma and can result in improvement of symptoms in as little as one session. Let us help you start to feel like yourself again by scheduling your appointment today.

Dating/Love Addiction/Codependency

Do you find that a sustainable, healthy relationship is elusive to you? Do you need help “fixing your picker”? Or do you have a pattern of going from one relationship to another and become highly anxious when not in a partnership? Maybe you are the affair partner of someone who is married and not fully emotionally and physically available to you. Or perhaps you struggle with poor boundaries or love addiction. If you have a strong desire for happy, healthy, lasting love, you have come to the right place!  Reach out for help today!

Divorce Recovery

Have you recently separated and feel lost and confused on where to go from here? Perhaps you feel stuck and don’t see a way to get unstuck. There is a grieving process that everyone experiences when going through a divorce that can feel overwhelming. Sometimes the idea of moving on and dating again can feel daunting.  If this describes you, let us help you find a path to a brighter future!

Emotional Eating

Are you aware that there is a direct link between emotional eating, codependency and trauma?  If you have a pattern of people pleasing or find that you frequently carry resentment in your relationships, these are definite signs that there may be some codependency.  Perhaps you are making decisions that don’t honor your highest and best self in order to make others happy, or are owning other people’s feelings (sometimes referred to as being an “empath”). Unresolved trauma from our past can also have an impact on our weight loss efforts.  If you struggle with emotional eating, reach out for help today.

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